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How a Design Build Contractor Can Help You.

When choosing a design build firm for your latest project, whether it is a custom home or a remodel, it makes sense to work with a firm that is a design build contractor. If that term is unfamiliar, it is essentially the same as a master builder. You will be working with a team that…

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How The Design-Build Process Yields Better Results

Most people who have even considered a large building project, such as a custom home or a major remodel, have heard of things going awry: cost overruns, bad communication, shoddy results and delays. In each of those cases, there was something wrong with the process. With a design build firm, or master builder concept, the…

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3 Reasons to Renovate Your Home

While home renovations do take time and money they can be worth it in the end. Depending on your needs there are many different reasons to remodel your home. Here are some reasons you may want to consider a remodel.

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Balancing Trends and Functionality in Kitchen Design

The lure of trends is captivating. It is natural to see a striking pattern or uniquely shaped gadget on the television or in a magazine and want to rush to your kitchen remodeling designer to make it a reality in your home. The best trends, however, are those that work with the other design elements…

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