2 Memorial Point Ln. Houston, TX 77024

2-Memorial-Point ln. 77024-MODERN FARMHOUSE RENEWAL-Frontelv-render-2

I see a great opportunity in this Piney Point Villages home. I Love the opportunity and space that this home has.

VISIONS for the Renewal of 2 Memorial Point Ln. Houston Tx 77024. Renewal and expansion of this sleepy 4,200 sf home into a 6,800 sf Modern Luxury or Modern Farmhouse Design

Easily converted to a Transitional Contemporary, Luxury Modern

Vision For 2-Memorial-Point-MODERN FARMHOUSE-Frontelv-render

or Modern Farmhouse valued @ $3.4M+ when finished. 

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Hiring Your Professional Remodeling Contractor

The most important decision you can make when beginning a home remodeling project is hiring a professional remodeling contractor. Your home is too important to entrust to anyone but a professional home remodeler who can: • Save you money by doing the job right the first time. • Ensure that your dreams are accurately translated…

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Remodeling & Building Green

green-home-remodeling-houston-texas Houston Builder

It’s important to understand what Remodeling & Building Green really means. Before you understand and appreciate the importance of remodeling and building green it is important to understand what green means. A green-built home is a practice of creating a structure and using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout the home’s life-cycle from…

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Our kitchens are where we gather for sustenance and socializing. Making the right choices when updating the kitchen makes the space more functional and visible appealing and leads to a higher resale value. In this article, we will discuss the kitchen remodeling trends for 2022. Your kitchen layout will make a difference in how efficiently…

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Choosing Kitchen Countertop Material

kitchen-countertop-selection-houston-texas Houston Builder

Choosing Kitchen Countertop Material Looking for a countertop material that will take center stage and dramatically transform your space? Choosing kitchen countertop material for your home is an important decision that will impact the look and function of your home for many years to come. Key factors to consider include maintenance, price and durability, as…

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Kitchen Remodeling Product Selection


Kitchen Remodeling Product Selection After finalizing your kitchen remodeling plan (Home Remodeling: Where to Start), it’s time to talk kitchen remodeling product selection. A kitchen remodeling project must begin with a focus on planning and designing for the space you have. Cabinetry will most likely consume most of your budget in the kitchen and will dictate the…

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2021 Houston COST vs. VALUE Remodeling Cost Guide


2021 Houston COST vs. VALUE Remodeling Cost Guide Do you have a home remodeling project in mind for your home? Maybe you are in the planning phase? No matter what phase you are in we have compiled this 2021 Houston COST vs VALUE Remodeling Guide to help you understand the common feature changes for different…

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Fixer-upper pick by Gryphon Builders

206 FLEETWAY DRIVEHOUSTON, TX 77024. Free home, this property is listed at lot value. My favorite starting point is an older one story ranch style home. This home starts out at 3,546 sf of living area with the options to expand out or up, easily gaining a larger home.

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Home Remodeling Project: Where to Start


Home Remodeling Project: Where to Start In this article, we will discuss all the information you will need for a successful home remodeling project A home remodeling project can be a tall task and many homeowners may not know exactly where to start. However, home remodeling is essential for many reasons. We have put together…

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674 SHARTLE CIRCLE HOUSTON, TX 77024. Free home, this property is listed at lot value. A Lovely 1970 home with a contemporary vibe. Lots of good elements to work with from the pictures that are listed. This Hunters Creek Village Home is a wide open canvas to create something new while preserving the past.

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Home Remodeling Product Selections Made Easy


With Covid, we have all heard about material and backorders so making your product selections is of utmost importance these days. We have experienced up to a 26 week lead time with some products. That is half a year or six months in case you haven’t added up your weeks lately. So in the past, the typical of, starting a project and making selections is no longer viable, this could cost you an additional 6 months without a kitchen.

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