2 Memorial Point Ln. Houston, TX 77024

2-Memorial-Point ln. 77024-MODERN FARMHOUSE RENEWAL-Frontelv-render-2

I see a great opportunity in this Piney Point Villages home. I Love the opportunity and space that this home has.

VISIONS for the Renewal of 2 Memorial Point Ln. Houston Tx 77024. Renewal and expansion of this sleepy 4,200 sf home into a 6,800 sf Modern Luxury or Modern Farmhouse Design

Easily converted to a Transitional Contemporary, Luxury Modern

Vision For 2-Memorial-Point-MODERN FARMHOUSE-Frontelv-render

or Modern Farmhouse valued @ $3.4M+ when finished. 

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Best Interior Designers in Houston for 2023


On the lookout for the top interior designers in Houston? We get it! Houston is where entertainment meets business, a fusion of fun and seriousness. This sprawling city jammed pack with loads of inspiration is the place to be. A great combination of Southern charm and urban chic, Houston interior designers offer their own spin on style,…

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Best Neighborhoods in Houston


Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States. Home to world-famous clutch rockets, the Houston Texans, NASA, lush reserve parks and pristine bayous, Houston is one of the most diverse, charming, and unique cities in the United States. Don’t let Houston’s iconic imagery mislead you. Houston today is better described as a great…

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The Custom Builders Council recently embraced a new construction project in Brookshire, Texas through a newly developed relationship between Allen Griffin, President of Griffin Family of Companies and Dennis Turnipseed, Director of Eyes on ME (EOM) Ministries, a faith-based ministry that exists to mentor, disciple, and serve at-risk youth and their families. EOM is in…

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Choosing the Best Home Builder in Houston


Choosing the best home builder in a big city like Houston can be overwhelming and daunting with so many options to choose from. You should shop for your custom home builder just as you would for a new home. Here are some tips to help you choose a reliable builder you can trust! After all,…

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American Colonial Style-Everything You Need to Know


What is American Colonial Style? Similar to the homes colonists lived in back in England, they’re rectangular, typically two stories, and fairly symmetrical. They have steep, side-gabled roofs, which means the triangular portion of the roof is only visible from the sides; looking at the front door, you only see shingles. Traditionally built with wood…

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Mediterranean Style Home Ideas-Houston

What is a Mediterranean Style Home? The Mediterranean style in interior design is characterized by the simple and romantic aesthetics of Southern European countries: light and warm tones in color scheme, as well as the extensive use of natural materials such as ceramics, wood, wrought iron and cotton. The Design combines boldness, simplicity and convenience.…

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Building a Modern-Style Home in Houston?

Houston remains the most diverse city in the nation! With all of that diversity comes many types of homebuilding styles! Modern Style homes have been one of the most popular architectural styles for many Houstonians for the past decade. If you are thinking of building a modern-style home in Houston, Texas, here’s everything you need…

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What is Acadian Southern Style?

What is Acadian-Southern Style? A traditional Acadian-style house has a steep-sloped and gabled roof and one-and-a-half stories of living space, often with a central staircase and rear kitchen. Typically, Acadian homes are constructed of brick or stone, and they often feature covered front porches and window shutters History of Acadian-Southern Style The history of Acadian-style…

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Custom Farmhouse Style Homes

What is Farmhouse Style? American farmhouse style homes were initially a matter of practicality: a wide, deep, apron-front sink simplified chores, you needed a long, sturdy table to serve your whole household, and room-spanning, hand-hewn, exposed ceiling beams were ubiquitous (because they kept your house standing). Just 1% of us live on farms these days,…

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What is a Transitional Style Home?

Transitional-Style-Home-Houston-Texas Houston Builder

The transitional home style is becoming more popular as homeowners embrace bold hybrid designs that tastefully merge the best of traditional and contemporary aesthetics. When caught between distinctly different design styles, homeowners find comfort in the uniqueness of an approach that’s hybrid in nature. Welcome to the transitional home style. Growing in popularity, transitional design…

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