Home Renovation to Stay or Sell?

While conducting a home renovation project, pay careful attention to what today’s buyers want. Dream big, but don’t forget the small details. Investing in home improvement projects can have a huge return – whether to create a more enjoyable living space or to put the home on the market. Create a Big Picture View for…

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Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor-retreats-houston-texas Houston Builder

BUILD FUNCTIONAL AND FUN OUTDOOR LIVING SPACES WITH THESE IDEAS. Homeowners who are thinking about a home makeover but don’t know where to begin should consider starting in the backyard. Many homeowners are transforming the exteriors of their houses to add extra living space and, with a little finesse, those outdoor spaces can revive the…

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How To Survive Your Home Renovation Project

pre-renovation-meeting-gryphon-builder-houston-texas Houston Builder

Plan to Work Out as Many Specifics as Possible in a Pre Home Renovation Meeting A Home renovation project is uniquely different from building a new home. With home renovation, your home becomes a worksite. You live side by side with the project from start to finish. Once construction begins, you’ll probably long for simple…

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Home Remodeling Terminology

Whether it’s a small cosmetic remodel such as replacing bathroom fixtures, or a major down-to-the wall-studs overhaul of your kitchen or adding new space to your home, understanding the terminology your professional remodeler is using can be very helpful to ensure you get the finished project you want.As you interview potential contractors, this glossary of…

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Frequently Asked Home Remodeling Questions

Prioritize and Plan Ahead for the Best Home Remodeling Results Why Remodel Your Home? Remodeling your home can modernize the style, make it more comfortable, improve energy efficiency and home functionality, increase the value of your home , and help with upkeep and maintenance. Home remodeling is an investment in your home to ensure longevity,…

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10-reasons-to-remodel-your-house-houston-texas Houston Builder

There are a number of reasons people choose to remodel their home. Maybe your family has outgrown the space or or maybe your looking to increase the value of your home. Remodeling can not only increase the value of your families nest, it can also make every one of your rooms more functional. If you…

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Preparing Your Home for Hurricane Season

prepare-your-home-for-bad-weather-houston-texas Houston Builder

Preparing Your Home for Hurricane Season With hurricane season upon us, it’s more important than ever for coastal homeowners to prepare their abodes for hurricane-force winds, tropical storms and possible flooding. While there is no way to avoid bad weather, preparing you home for hurricane season in advanced is one of your greatest defenses against…

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Smart Home Ideas for 2022

Powered by convenience, houses are turning high-tech – wired with the latest options for contemporary living. Homeowners are requesting the ability to access their homes’ security and services from a tablet or smartphone, even when they are miles away. As members of the Remodelers Council, it is important for us to keep up with the…

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Design Trends for the New American Home


How long do design trends really last? Some, such as white-on-white, have stayed strong for decades, while others, like wool carpeting (Grandma, we’re looking at you), have thankfully left the building. The New American Home (TNAH) has been the official show home of the annual International Builders’ Show (IBS) since 1984, and is built in…

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Get The Best Return On Your Investment


Investing in home improvement projects can have a huge return. Good decision-making and planning will get you the best return on your investment, whether the goal is to create a more enjoyable living space or to put the home on the market. Thinking About The Big Picture While homeowners often have big visions for renovation…

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