How To Survive Your Home Renovation Project

pre-renovation-meeting-gryphon-builder-houston-texas Houston Builder
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Plan to Work Out as Many Specifics as Possible in a Pre Home Renovation Meeting

A Home renovation project is uniquely different from building a new home. With home renovation, your home becomes a worksite. You live side by side with the project from start to finish. Once construction begins, you’ll probably long for simple pleasures like a dust-free home or a fully functioning kitchen or bath. But the result will be well worth these inconveniences.

The Pre Home Renovation Project Meeting

pre-renovation-meeting-gryphon-builder-houston-texas Houston Builder

Some of the issues you may wish to cover at this meeting include:

•Will you allow your remodeler to place a company sign on your property? Remember that, in addition to being a marketing tool, signs help contractors and suppliers locate your home.

•What areas of your home will be off-limits to workers?

•Does your house have an alarm system? Will workers need a key, or will someone always be there?

•How will you ensure that your children and pets stay out of the workspace?

•How will trash removal be handled? Where will the remodeler locate the dumpster on your property?

•Does the remodeler anticipate any interruptions of utilities during the project? If so, when and for how long? At certain stages of construction, the project may affect basic household necessities like water and electricity. Will you need to vacate the house at any time?

•What are your expectations regarding clean-up? Will sweeping be sufficient for a daily cleaning, or will you need a more thorough cleaning to use the space?

•What times will workers begin and end work at your home? Be sure to consider the neighbors as well as household members.

•Where can workers park near the job site?

•Will bathroom facilities in your home be available to workers?

•What is the remodeler’s policy on smoking on the job site?

•Will you allow workers to play their radios at a reasonable volume? Are there any stations or programs that you do not want to be played?

pre-construction-meetings-houston-texas Houston Builder

To ensure good communication, we recommend that you determine who you and your remodeler should contact for daily decisions or an after-hours emergency. For example, your contact may be the lead carpenter for the job, while the remodeler’s contact could be your spouse. In addition, you should designate a backup for each contact person to assure continuity in anyone’s absence.

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