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Allen W. Griffin Owner of Gryphon Builders

Allen W. Griffin Owner of Gryphon Builders

For Nearly Twenty Years, I have been helping clients & Realtors find homes that offer great potential to be Revitalized, Renewed, Remodeled and expanded upon. It is a great way to capture instant equity in home ownership. By Renewing an older home our clients lower there cost by using what is already their and building upon it. It is the ultimate in Green Building, think of the truckloads of materials that would go to a landfill and then have to be reproduced. Plus, there are tax credits available to you for doing this.

I regularly look for homes that offer Great potential, I see these properties for what they could be, not as they are now. Contact me to discuss my vision and the potential of these properties.

Samples of my projects and Visions


Houston Fixer Uppers & Lots


By gryphonbuilder | December 15, 2018 | 0 Comments

3 CONCORD CIRCLE BUNKER, HILL VILLAGE, TX 77024 Great opportunity to expand and raise the ceiling heights with this style of home. Nice quiet street with plenty of trees for privacy. Also, great lot for a new custom home at 150’; x 165’

12106 Cobblestone, Houston Tx 77024

By gryphonbuilder | December 3, 2018 | 0 Comments

Great property on the market 12106 Cobblestone, Houston Tx 77024 

This property has a large lot on a quite street that lends itself to updating this 2200sf home or  expanding into a larger home near 4,000sf by remodeling or building a new custom home.

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