Best Interior Designers in Houston for 2023


On the lookout for the top interior designers in Houston? We get it! Houston is where entertainment meets business, a fusion of fun and seriousness. This sprawling city jammed pack with loads of inspiration is the place to be. A great combination of Southern charm and urban chic, Houston interior designers offer their own spin on style, which comes to life in commercial and residential spaces.

Here at Gryphon Builders, we did some digging, and here are some of the best interior designers in Houston for 2023!

#1 Best Interior Designer in Houston: Wendt Design Group


Amilee Wendt, the founder of Wendt Design Group, has gained the attention of many in the designer community of Houston. Her immaculate work has gained her various awards such as the ASID Award for some of her past projects. She’s not afraid to get out there and experiment. While she has amassed a variety of awards, her portfolio has also expanded as well. When taking a look at some of her past projects from residential to commercial, you’re going to notice that she doesn’t have a signature style.

Some interior designers have a signature look, but what’s so amazing about Amilee is her versatility. She’ll reflect her client’s wishes and visions perfectly. You’ll find clean lines with a hint of jaggedness through her work but she’s mostly very flexible in how she designs.

#2 Best Interior Designer in Houston: Ginger Barber Designs

Ginger Barber Interior Design likes to keep her designs simple. In fact, this is even in her slogan “keep it simple”, this slogan perfectly reflects her style and design. It’s beautiful, eye-catching, yet comfortable too.

This Houston native is the best designer to go to for all designs rustic, farmhouse, and cottagecore. She helps transport her clients to a faraway land, as if they’re home is a cottage in the wilderness. Her eye for simplicity and beauty is what makes her one of the top interior designers in Houston.

#3 Best Interior Designer in Houston: Chairma Group

Cindy Aplanalp has been professionally designing for over a decade, her love of design started long ago, however she didn’t get to attend design school until she raised her family. Winner of numerous Houston’s Best, Prism, ASID, HGTV’s Show- House Show- Down and other building/design related awards, her work is frequently published. Her close connection with her clients, easy living, yet elegant interiors are as unique as the clients she and her team design for. A believer that the best projects come from the collaborative efforts of her design team, the client and other engaged professionals. To Cindy, her work feels like play. 

#4 Best Interior Designer in Houston: Pearl Design Interiors


Pearl Design is a luxury boutique interior design firm in Houston, Texas that offers individually tailored design services. In addition to their residential designs, they have designed projects used for celebrity photo shoots that have been featured in national publications. As a result of our success, Alecia Johnson has been recognized as one of the Top 20 African American Interior Designers in the country. 

#5 Best Interior Designer in Houston: Rainy Richards Interiors

Rainey and Ragan Richardson, a passionate mother-daughter duo that prides itself on offering their clients Lifestyle Solutions through design. What started as a small, home-based business in 2001 has grown into an award-winning design firm with national reach and recognition.

Both have their own perspective and approaches to design; one classic and one edgy. They converge our styles in confident, passionate, and perceptive ways that result in curated designs each and every time.

They approach every project with the intention of creating a space where their clients can recharge, reflect, and be their authentic selves.

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