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Our kitchens are where we gather for sustenance and socializing. Making the right choices when updating the kitchen makes the space more functional and visible appealing and leads to a higher resale value. In this article, we will discuss the kitchen remodeling trends for 2022.

Your kitchen layout will make a difference in how efficiently you use your kitchen. A functional kitchen will make cooking and entertaining more enjoyable, while a poor layout may result in retracing your steps and adding time to your tasks.

If you are about to remodel your kitchen, it is a perfect time to rethink your current layout and consider making your kitchen a more useful and accommodating space. Some questions to ask yourself are: How many cooks are in your family? How many people use the kitchen at the same time? How often do you entertain?

Popular kitchen layouts include:

U-shaped: his layout uses 3 walls to create an efficient work triangle. This allows the cook to maximize their time doing tasks because appliances will be closer together, However, having multiple people working in this layout may be difficult depending on the size of the kitchen and if there is a kitchen island.

L-shaped: This layout uses one or two adjacent walls and works well because two or three of the work triangle functions can be on the same wall. This shape allows for better entertaining because a peninsula can be added in the place of a wall.

Gallery shaped: In this plan, the walls are parallel and have all the work triangle functions. It is very efficient because everything is closely located. It is not the best layout if a lot of people are in the kitchen at the same time. This layout may be difficult when entertaining unless one wall is open to an adjacent room that may have a counter with seating.

Open layouts:  This layout is a popular choice for today’s kitchens. The obvious advantage is the ease of entertaining and the cook’s ability to stay connected with family and guests while preparing food. The lack of walls increases the ability to have natural light in the space. The disadvantages to this layout are a lack of privacy, noise and smells that travel. From a remodeling standpoint, an open floor plan can add to the costs because of the need to remove walls and rearrange the plumbing and electrical.

u-shaped-kitchen-ideas-houston-texas Houston Builder
U Shaped Kitchen
L-shaped-kitchen-layout-houston-texas Houston Builder
L Shaped Kitchen
galley-kitchen-layout-houston-texas-remodelers Houston Builder
Gallery Kitchen
open-floor-plan-kitchen-houston-texas-remodelers Houston Builder
Open Layout Kitchen


A lot of things have stayed on the kitchen hot list for a while, but a few things are becoming trendy! Among them Is honing in on how to integrate the dining and living areas.

Here are a few of 2022’s most popular remodeling trends:


Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Homeowners are sticking to white cabinets, light-colored walls and more lights! Homeowners want light and an open space with a lot of flow.

Adding lights is a popular and money-saving change! People are beginning to realize how many options are available such as LEDs, which can help add warmth and brightness. LEDs can be installed anywhere-add them to narrow spots, under cabinets or showcase a backsplash.


Homeowners want home-automation devices that control everything, including those that can be operated from a cell phone.

Another trend is to eliminate electrical outlets in the backsplash. “We are installing something called plug-molding instead, which allows us to put the plug anywhere along an ‘electrical strip’ under the cabinets, which runs adjacent to the LED under-cabinet lighting. This feature can greatly enhance the beauty of the kitchen by reducing ‘design clutter’ and gives the homeowner freedom to put outlets almost anywhere.

automated-kitchen-ideas-houston-texas-remodelers Houston Builder
Automated Kitchen


Custom-kitchen-storage-ideas-houston-texas Houston Builder
Custom Kitchen Storage

Customers are always interested in storage solutions. In addition to trash bins that roll out from behind cabinets and Lazy Susan’s that pull out from corner cabinets, homeowners often request cabinets around refrigerators to make it look like a built-in.

There has been a huge spike in the elimination of walk-in, closet-style pantries. Homeowners are opting for built-in pantries with custom pull-out storage options instead. These pantries are designed to blend in with the cabinets and are a very efficient use of storage.


Peninsulas and eat-in bars are still the rage. This is a perfect choice for a homeowner who would like to spend as much time with family and friends in their own kitchen. This layout allows cooking and dining time to be spent more intimately.

island-style-kitchen-housto-texas-remodelers Houston Builder
Island Style Kitchen


kitchen-remodeling-ideas-houston-memorial-gryphon-builders-2 Houston Builder
Wood Finish

Most homeowners prefer a natural-looking finish. Many of our clients want wood and wood-look floors like tile and laminate through the first floor. Houses are built so open today it has become uncommon to have different floors in different rooms.

Stainless steel, under-mount sinks in all shapes and sizes still seem to be the thing that most homeowners opt for.

For more information to help with your Kitchen Remodeling Product Selection check out one of our latest articles!

With many options available for kitchens, guidance from a professional can make a major difference in the remodeling process as well as the finished result. Our team is ready and willing to help you find answers to any burning questions you may have about the process!

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