11747 TAYLORCREST ROAD, Houston, TX 77024

11747-Taylorcrest-road-77024-front Houston Builder Luxury-Listings -


I see a great opportunities in this Bunker Hill Village Estate home at  11747 Taylorcrest Rd, 77024.  From the areil view listing prictures, the lot seams to be planed out well. I would look to replace the built second floor with New 2 story building layout while updating the second floor. With these kind of updates we can expand the size of the home and change it’s architectural style to your style.

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1000-KIRBY-DRIVE-HOUSTON-TX-77019-front Houston Builder Luxury-Listings -

I see a great opportunities in this Iconic River Oaks Property at  1000 KIRBY DRIVE HOUSTON, TX 77019625.  I Love the exterior architecture of this home that lends itself to many expressions for the new owners style. As the listing states,”A River Oaks Modern Masterpiece” but, from 1986.  

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625 Piney Point Rd, Houston Tx 77024


I see a great opportunity in this Piney Point Villages home at 625 Piney Point rd. I Love the exterior architecture of this home that lends itself to many expressions for the new owners style. As the listing states,”was a remakable home” shows in the interior picutres.

You can remodel or build the home of your dreams on this beautiful lot, almost 1 acre. Includes a circular driveway on a wooded lot with luscious landscaping and a fabulous pool professionally maintained. Great location.

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2 Memorial Point Ln. Houston, TX 77024

2-Memorial-Point ln. 77024-MODERN FARMHOUSE RENEWAL-Frontelv-render-2

I see a great opportunity in this Piney Point Villages home. I Love the opportunity and space that this home has.

VISIONS for the Renewal of 2 Memorial Point Ln. Houston Tx 77024. Renewal and expansion of this sleepy 4,200 sf home into a 6,800 sf Modern Luxury or Modern Farmhouse Design

Easily converted to a Transitional Contemporary, Luxury Modern

Vision For 2-Memorial-Point-MODERN FARMHOUSE-Frontelv-render

or Modern Farmhouse valued @ $3.4M+ when finished. 

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Remodeling Your Master Suite- 5 Easy Steps to Follow

Houston Master Suite King Size Bed and Glass doors

There’s nothing like coming home and retreating to a beautifully remodeled master suite that meets your every need. A comfortable, aesthetically appealing & functional master suite can change your daily life more than you know! Whether your remodeling your master bedroom to suit your needs, or you may be planning to sell your house and want to…

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Remodeling Ideas for Post-COVID-19 Life

Houston Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas

Now that COVID-19 has changed the way that we work and live, at Gryphon Builders are receiving many inquiries for home remodeling projects, base around how our home life has changed. New uses for old spaces: As people seek more ways to promote productivity in their homes, organization and layout will be a big focus. With…

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New for 2021 -Houston Home Remodeling & Investing Cost Guidance.

Luxury Remodeling & Investing

Love our neighborhood but, not your home. This guide will help plan for that change.
What exactly does a Major Remodeling investment look like? Moving your home to the top of the market while enjoying it, as an investment. Our Houston Remodeling Cost Guide for Major Renovations & Addition will guide you through the process. 1. Understanding the hidden equity and analyzing the market around you to set your potential budget. 2. Budget guidance of the remodeling cost for interior renovations. 3. Budget guidance of the remodeling cost for expansions and major renovations to a property.

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2021 Remodeling Planning Guide


This guide will give you a step-by-step plan to help navigate the renovation process and make sure the finished project is what you envisioned. Home Renovations can be as big, costly, and time-consuming as one can imagine. The bigger the project, the more disruptive it will be to your daily home life and the more professional help you should seek. However, there are ways to make remodeling your home a smooth and enjoyable process.

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Pet-Friendly Home Renovation Ideas

pet-friendly houston custom home builder dog feeding station

This may sound crazy, but many pet owners have been including pet friendly designs in their home renovations lately. A study by the National Association of Realtors found that more than half of the homeowners surveyed had completed a dog friendly renovation project recently.

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Giving Back During Unprecedented Times:

Community Project Mr Henderson

Giving Back During Unprecedented Times The Hangar Unity Center, Kingsland Baptist Church, Eyes On Me Inc., Gryphon Builders, and Covered Roofing – After the trying year of 2020, most people know someone who can use a helping hand or even just a random act of kindness. From a simple smile to helping a senior citizen cross the street, there are a myriad of ways we all can come together to help each other out and make these trying times a little more bearable.

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