A Guide to Estimating the Length of Home Renovations

Custom Home Builder Services in Houston Texas
Custom Home Builder Services in Houston Texas
Custom Home Builder Services in Houston Texas

How long does it take to remodel a home in Houston Texas?

The internet and home improvement shows are full of horror stories about home renovations that take far too long, go way over budget or aren’t done properly.  But remodeling your Houston area home doesn’t have to be another one of those nightmare stories! There are effective ways to ensure the process goes smoothly and will stay on budget and on time.

Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” guide to determining a timeline for a renovation, but reputable contractors can estimate the length of the project accurately.  Every renovation project is unique and will have its own timeline. Don’t accept a guess of the estimated timeline for the work at the onset of your remodeling project. A professional builder will provide a detailed project schedule, that includes the timing of selections to be made by the client.

Things to Consider in Making a Home Remodel Timeline

Size of your Remodeling Project

The most important factor in determining how long a home remodel will take is the size of the project. Renovating a powder room will take significantly less time to complete than a whole home makeover. Putting on an addition requires more time than remodeling the living room. The larger the project, the more time is required to complete it.

Scope of your Remodeling Project

Another factor that determines how long a renovation will last is the scope of the project.  Home remodeling projects that require electrical and plumbing work will take more time than cosmetic renovations. Likewise, updating a kitchen is more in-depth and time-consuming than remodeling a bedroom. Renovations that include structural changes take more time as well.

Customization of your Home Remodeling Project

A third consideration is how much custom work is involved in the project.  Upscale renovations tend to use more custom features than budget remodeling projects.  Custom finishes and pieces take more time to complete. And though it might add time to the home remodel, custom work ensures your project is unique and is done to your liking. 

Permits and Inspections

Building permits are not always needed, small painting and countertop replacement projects are typically exempt. A good rule of thumb is if you are removing drywall a permit is probably needed. Although the permit process seems simple, in reality, it can be full of delays and headaches. Using an experienced Houston builder and a good design team will help ensure the permit process and inspections go smoothly.

Mother Nature

An additional factor to consider in your remodeling timeline is the weather. If your project requires putting on an addition or a new roof, the weather may play a big role in how long the renovation takes. While builders are generally used to working in all kinds of weather conditions like heavy rains and winds, severe weather will slow down any home remodeling project. 

Expect the Unexpected – with inexperience

And finally, expect the unexpected when it comes to home remodeling. Unforeseen issues can, and often do, arise in home renovations. With Gryphon Builders and over 20 years experience we can anticipate the issues that often pop up. The key to minimizing these issues is a thorough inspection of the property before the contract is signed. Proper planning of a remodeling project utilizing our design remodel or design build in house processes reduces the time of disruption and will eliminate additional stress.

Here are some basic timelines for home remodeling projects.

Remodel TypeDurationExample Work Involved
CosmeticA few days – 3 monthsInterior or exterior painting, new appliances, new countertops, basic flooring replacement.
MediumSeveral weeks – 6 monthsFull kitchen or master bath remodel, converting a pace to a home office, adding a new garage to the side of the house.
Major6 months – over 1 yearMultiple room renovations, Whole home renovations & Large scale additions.
Gryphon Builders Time Line Basics Guide

Cosmetic Home Renovations – A Week to Two Months

This includes tasks such as interior painting, exterior painting, new countertops, new appliances, or basic flooring replacement. It can even be something as simple as new landscaping or changing out a basic sink for a more fashionable farmhouse design.

Essentially, a cosmetic renovation timeline is reserved for small repairs or in situations where the basic bones of the house are still in excellent condition but need a small amount of updating. Many of these tasks are easily completed by a do-it-yourselfer within a few hours or a couple of days. Larger tasks that require plumbing, or major carpentry work often require the need for a licensed contractor, but still might be considered fairly cosmetic.

Medium Home Renovations – Several Weeks to Three Months

Kitchen Remodeling Services

This generally includes single room renovations of a kitchen, bathroom or a home office. These are situations where you must come close to fully gutting the space or need additional repair work that’s beyond a basic cosmetic repair. There are numerous types of average medium renovation scenarios. In fact, most repairs easily fall into this category. For example, completely remodeling a kitchen and relocating sink plumbing to a new center island would be considered a medium renovation. Another example would be adding a new fireplace to your existing living room or converting a room or two for a new living space for your family. These are situations where it might take a few weeks to complete tear-out and replacement, but you aren’t looking at any serious structural repairs or changes. Some small additions can fall under the three-month category, like patios or outdoor living spaces. If it is a small addition to the living area, add two months for the extra foundation work.

Major Home Renovations and Large additions – Six Months to Over One Year

Major Renovation Services Houston Texas

The last time frame is for the complete rebuilding of a home, adding on large additions or both. It is pretty much the same as building a new home for the timeline and process that it takes to complete these types of projects. These are typically done in scenarios where an older home is in a great location. These homes typically, requires a revision of the room layouts, complete updating of the finishes to bring it up to modern standards,  that will compete with newer homes in the neighborhood. You may also need some extra space for your family with addition on to the home.

Major Renovation and large additions are not for the faint at heart or an inexperienced builder. This is where I see the most failures as a Construction Expert Witness in the Greater Houston Area. When a project gets to be over one hundred thousand dollars is when the breakdowns seem to occur the most.

Don’t accept a guess of the estimated timeline for the work at the onset of the of your remodeling project. A professional builder will provide a detailed project schedule, that includes the timing of selections to be made by the client.

Allen W Griffin

What Can the Homeowner Do to Help?

It may seem like the timeline depends solely on the builder, but homeowners can help ensure the home remodel stays on time.  Having a clear plan at the outset of the renovation will help the project go smoothly.  Proper planning is key. The production of a complete set of plans (blueprints) showing the existing layout, the demo plan, the new layouts and any electrical or plumbing changes is a must. Also, just as important is written specifications and materials selections before the contract is signed. Changes to the design made mid-project will only serve to slow down the home remodel.  Making sure you and your builder are clear on what the project entails will help keep the renovations on time.

Home renovations don’t have to take forever.  The best way to ensure your project is completed within the estimated timeline is to work with an experienced and reputable builder.  If you are considering remodeling your Houston Area home, contact Gryphon Builders today we specialize in large renovations and additions and can handle your smaller project too.  We have served the Houston Texas Area for over thirty years and can make sure your home remodeling project both exceeds your expectations,  is done on time as well as on budget.

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