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Inspiring Tips to Follow When Selecting Product for Your Home Remodeling Project

Home remodeling can be daunting! Even when you have solid house remodeling ideas in mind, you still have to embark on the whole process. The first stage of home remodeling can be the most overwhelming time, having to choose all of your products before construction begins. When we start working with a client we will make a simple list of the products that need to be chosen. Second, we analyze their budget against the list we have created to guide them to the right products that will fit their budget. For example, if you have $75,000 to spend on a kitchen remodeling project we would not recommend professional-grade appliances when the typical package could cost $25,000.

Tip #1: Remember…It’s Your Home!

Home Remodeling product Selection

The first step in our remodeling process is to get a clear understanding of what your exact desired end result is for your home. We encourage you to flip through your favorite lifestyle magazine, create a Pinterest Boards or save to your Houzz Albums… It’s important to gather your vision!

While you’re getting inspired by these resources, don’t get too caught up in emulating the latest trends or crafting Pinterest-worthy rooms. This is your home, so you should choose finishes that will make you happy. Remember, you’ll be living in this house for years to come.

At the end of the day, the finishes you select should reflect your personal style as well as compliment how you actually want to live in your home. That bathroom with the Jacuzzi tub may look great in pictures, but does it represent how you really see yourself using that room?

Tip #2: The Importance of Product Selection


This is the opportunity to make the home truly yours. The best part of choosing materials for your home remodeling project is that you can be as creative or conservative as you wish—it all depends on your personal style, and how you want to live in your home. By making informed decisions you can be confident about the project and your investment. At the same time, if you do your part in making timely product decisions and selections during the design process, we can live up to our promise of completing your project within the agreed time frame.

Tip #3: Make your selections within a compact timeframe

Home Remodeling Decisions

We have found that our customers are typically much happier with the outcomes if they make their choices within a few weeks rather than a few months. By limiting the amount of time you give yourself to ponder the choices, you can create a more cohesive vision and theme throughout your house. Your choices will be more consistent when you make all of them in the same frame of mind, instead of letting weeks go by without finalizing your plans.

With Covid, we have all heard about material and backorders so making your product selections is of utmost importance these days. We have experienced up to a 26 week lead time with some products. That is half a year or six months in case you haven’t added up your weeks lately. So in the past, the typical of, starting a project and making selections is no longer viable, this could cost you an additional 6 months without a kitchen.

This process has changed for us as well. We now make all product selections upfront and verify lead times before we schedule any construction.

Tip #4: Gaining Clarity and Confidence During the Design Process

Home Remodeling Designs

It’s never a good idea to rush into the remodeling process, take time to sit down with your builder and collaborate to ensure that you are confident and secure with the vision they have crafted for your home.

Many of our clients have preferred to choose and confirm window styles, shapes and sizes after seeing the initial design in 3D. On the other hand, some selections, like paint colors, for example, may need to be finalized after we install and you see other products in place. Other common examples can include light fixtures, tile and or cabinetry knobs or pulls.

In Summary

Choosing the right finishes and selections for your home remodeling project is a fun and exciting time. To keep it from getting to overwhelming, keep these tips and mind and remember to involve your builder every step of the way. Take advantage of expert guidance and recommendations to create your ideal home!

 At Gryphon Builders we know this and make it an integral part of our process. We can’t tell you that you shouldn’t be concerned, but we can tell you if you choose to work with us our team of professionals will be there to help and guide you along the way. Contact us today to enjoy peace of mind in your home remodeling project!

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