Kitchen Remodel & Solid-Wood Cabinets

Austin Texas Hi Rise Condo Remodel & Design by Gryphon Builders

Kitchen Remodel & Solid-Wood Cabinets — We seem to be on the verge of a client-driven solid-wood kitchen cabinet renaissance. Quite possibly due to past years of mostly white and grey palettes. However, we must give credit to designers, artisans and cabinetmakers. Who have proven to us how rich and diverse various woods and grain patterns can be. Making your next kitchen remodel & solid-wood cabinets something to consider!

Austin Texas Hi Rise Condo Remodel by Gryphon Builders

One wood that has outshine them all with our clients, is Walnut! Walnut is a naturally rich, warm, elegant and inviting wood, which makes it perfect for lively contemporary kitchens. As you can see in our photos by our in house design team, walnut can pair beautifully with whites, grays, blues, brass and stainless tones — all are popular colors in modern-day contemporary kitchens. So, it’s no wonder that designers and homeowners love it. Feel free to contact us at Gryphon Builders to discuss the possibilities for your kitchen remodel & solid-wood cabinets. Above all, leaving your contribution to the trending solid-wood kitchen cabinet renaissance!

Designer Allen Griffin of (our in house design firm) used Walnut cabinetry in this Austin Texas Hi Rise Condo remodeled by Gryphon Builders. Its finish color, construction and simplicity made it the perfect choice for this kitchen masterpiece!

Want more information regarding solid wood cabinets or remodeling your kitchen? We are here to help!

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