Thinking of a New Home? Why Custom-Built May Be the Perfect Solution



Shopping for a house can be a long process, during which you might become frustrated at not finding one that meets your family’s needs. However, you may have overlooked one alternative solution: building your own house. Working with a custom home builder offers several advantages you won’t find with a traditional purchase.


Custom Layouts and Designs

Most homes on the market adhere to a few standard floorplans, which may not provide the right amount of room or the ideal features for your family. With a house that’s personalized to your specifications, you get exactly what you need. You can upsize bedrooms and bathrooms, include an office space or opt for a stone patio over a wooden deck.


Energy-Efficient Features

Many newer homes have been built with energy efficiency in mind, but you won’t always find an older house that’s truly “green.” With one that’s built to your preferences, you can take advantage of many eco-smart materials and technologies. Besides installing appliances certified by ENERGY STAR, you can also select windows, fixtures, plumbing, solar power and other features that reduce your household’s energy usage. Not only that, you’ll avoid older and hazardous building materials such as asbestos or lead.


Lower Maintenance Costs

Another great advantage to building your home is reduced maintenance costs. With an older house, you’re also inheriting an older HVAC system along with walls, carpet, plumbing, electrical wiring and other structures that have already seen some wear and tear. Their maintenance issues have a way of sneaking up on you, forcing you to unexpectedly shell out thousands of dollars in repairs. With a newly built home, you won’t get these nasty surprises.


Select an Experienced Professional

In addition to these perks, you’ll enjoy a unique home that’s truly your own creation. With the right parcel of land and custom home builder, the possibilities are endless. Carefully evaluate potential builders and select one that understands your goals, needs and budget.


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