Remodeling Your Master Suite- 5 Easy Steps to Follow

Houston Master Suite King Size Bed and Glass doors

There’s nothing like coming home and retreating to a beautifully remodeled master suite that meets your every need. A comfortable, aesthetically appealing & functional master suite can change your daily life more than you know!

Whether your remodeling your master bedroom to suit your needs, or you may be planning to sell your house and want to make your home more appealing to prospective buyers. We have put together 5 simple steps to consider when remodeling your master suite.


Close your eyes and picture your current master bedroom. Think about each individual aspect of the room, from the walls to the floors to the lighting and beyond. Do these features appeal to you?


If not consider what you might prefer?

  • A larger bedroom
  • An Ensuite spa style bath?
  • More closet space? (highly requested)
  • Materials and Finishes
  • Hardwood floors, Designer Tile inlays, Marble Countertops, Stained or Painted cabinets, Frames, Shower or Better lighting?


Master bedrooms are all about that space! One of the most common complaints from homeowners is that they feel their master bedroom is too small. It feels cramped, inefficient, and it’s simply not a cozy or relaxing environment.

If you feel like you’re always tripping over stuff because you don’t have enough room in your master bedroom, getting a remodel may be the right call. You may need a little design help but, look at the current layout of the space for all rooms and nearby rooms. To see if there is a better layout that you can gain some space from for a larger master bedroom.

Expanding Your Master Suite Design  Houston
  • Add Windows. Large windows are great because they let in lots of natural light. More light means a more open and spacious look for the room.
  • Consider raising the vaulting or raising the ceiling. See if it is possible to utilize unused attic space to raise the ceiling. If that is not something that your home permits consider vaulting the ceiling. A vaulted ceiling creates a sense of openness and space in a home. Even though the footprint of the home remains the same
  • Don’t be afraid to think about a new layout. Whether your space is big or small, the right layout can make all the difference in how you see and use your space.
  • Consider ripping out interior walls, adding onto your own house’s footprint or even adding.If you have the yard space and your local zoning laws and covenants allow, you can simply add the space onto your home with a bump out by knocking down an exterior wall and expanding onto your lot.


Bathroom design and remodel houston

The third step in remodeling your master suite after the bedroom? The bathroom, of course! A convenient en-suite bathroom that is both beautiful and functional is crucial when it comes to creating your personal retreat. There are a lot of factors to consider about when it comes to your master bathroom remodel.

  • What is the purpose of your bathroom remodel? This is the question you have to answer before you take another step in your remodeling project. Knowing your goal will make it easier to decide on the designs and materials to use
  • Don’ forget the power of good lighting! When it comes to proper lighting one of the most critical rooms in the home is the master bathroom. Many homeowners like the luxury feel that a chandelier or pendant fixture can bring to a space.
  • Make the windows as big as you can! Increasing natural light in your master bathroom design opens up so much potential. You can easily transition a place of constant activity to a peaceful sanctuary.


The fouth step in remodeling your master suite is to think about what kind of closet would make you the happiest. Are you looking for a spacious walk-in closet? Do you need extra storage space? Would you prefer built-in drawers and cabinets? These are all important factors to contemplate as you work toward designing your suite.

spacious walk in closest designed built by gryphon builders houston
  • Estimate the potential. A walk-in closet makes sense only if there is room for it! If necessary, you may need to expand out or into other areas of the home.
  • Determine needs. Think about what kind of storage space you will need, as determined by what you will store. Are custom shoe racks a priority, or do you prefer more space for hanging business and casual clothes? What about custom cabinetry? Do you want a vanity to sit at while dressing? This phase ensures your design is practical and accommodates your lifestyle.
  • Ensure proper lighting. In most cases, closets get little or no natural light, so implementing a proper mix of surface-mounted and recessed lighting is essential to keep your closet functional. You may also consider custom LED lighting for the closet, such as lighted closet rods and toe kick lighting.
  • Ensure proper ventilation. If there is no window in your closet, you will need to add air circulation to vent moisture and odors, which can be accomplished with heating and cooling vents and/or exhaust fans.


Before you shop for vanities and choose the material for your countertops, make sure you have a well-thought-out plan for your Master Suite renovation. With your goals, floor plan and budget in mind, consider all of the possibilities you can include in your Master Suite and focus on choices that meet your needs.

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